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Nicosia, Cyprus​

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Welcome to Dracos & Efthymiou LLC

Dracos & Efthymiou LLC is one of the most well-known law firms in Cyprus. Our law firm was founded on October 26th 1985 by Antonis Gr. Dracos and Efthymios A. Efthymiou. Our aim is always to provide to each client the commitment of a speedy response, and most importantly an effective and high-quality legal service.

38 Years of Experience

Broad experience in many aspects of the legal field

Defining Success

Our practice aligns with our values and our clients’ needs match with what we have to offer


Our aim is to provide confidential and high-quality legal services that meet the demands of the modern legal practice

Our Practice Areas

Civil Offences

Protect your rights and maximize your interests. We promise a top-notch legal representation and effective solutions for banking matters, personal disputes etc.

Family Law

Get compassionate guidance and advocacy for your family law matters and achieve the best outcome. Protect your childrens' and your best interest. We will help you settle all the financial disputes and achieve a fair solution for all parties

Inheritance Law

We are highly experienced in all aspects of inheritance law. We can help you draft a will and also we can help you with the administration of a deceased person's estate which includes the division of an estate, the tax and banking matters of the deceased etc.

Contract Law

Contracts determine everything from how employees are hired to how companies work together to how sales are made. If you want to protect your rights or your business interest we are here to offer you tailored legal solutions for all your contractual needs.

Insurance Law

Maximize your protection and rights in the insurance industry with our strategic insurance law team's expert guidance and advocacy. We deal with all the matters of car accidents and damages and we are hear to help you achieve the best outcome.

Employment Law

We offer guidance to business and indivituals to understand and deal with complex regulations, empowering you to build and maintain a successful workforce and protect your employment rights

Medical Law

The branch of law which concerns the prerogatives and responsibilities of medical professionals and the rights of the patient but also other private matters.Get effective representation and advocacy for medical and healthcare-related legal issues. We deal especially with surrogacy and medical negligence.

Criminal Law

It refers to the branch of law consisting of any acts or behaviors seen as offensive to the public, government, or state in violation of criminal statutes. Our team will vigorously defend your rights and protect your interests.

Professional And Experienced Attorneys

Why Choose Our Firm

Communication and Responsiveness

We are dedicated to be excellent communicators with our clients. We will return your calls or emails in a timely fashion.

High Experience

Our firm has years of experience inside and outside of the court rooms. We know how big organisations, local banks and local insurance companies think, act, and evaluate claims and loans and we know how to reach the best settlement for our clients.

Honest Evaluation

Leveraging extensive legal expertise, we objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of each case and help clients determine what type of legal representation they need.

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